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  Zirconia Frameworks
All-Ceramic for Crowns and Bridges 
Yttria-stabilized Zirconia oxide is an innovative system for metal-free single crowns and large span bridges (up to 14 units). Recommended for any placement in the mouth, the Zeno-Tec is the strongest and the toughest all-ceramic restoration being offered today. Conventional preparation, cementation and adhesive bonding techniques. Over 2,000,000 units placed since its introduction.
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  Pressed Ceramics
Smart Ceramics for Crowns and Bridges 
Since the 1990's Pressed Ceramics still sets the standard for all ceramic esthetics. 
Phoenix Dental Laboratory Pressed Ceramics Offers:

  • True to nature esthetics
  • Homogeneous leucite crystal distribution allowing for higher flexuial strength
  • Improved optical properties
  • Optimized colour and clarity
  • 11 Ingot shades extending shades in bleach range
  Phoenix Dental Laboratory supports all major Implant Systems
All the major implant systems are supported. David Dissegna, R.D.T. is often called upon and enjoys offering additional implant services, including technical chairside assistance and component selection services.
  Quality that meets the highest expectations...
Our highly trained ceramists have years of exerience with the latest high strength porcelain systems including feldspathic, pressed, leucite-based and zirconia.
Custom staining and custom shade verification are just a couple of the specialized services provided so that each case meets your highest expectations.
 Dental Product List

PFM Restorations
Porcelain to N.P. Alloy
  Porcelain to Noble Alloy

  Porcelain to High Noble Alloy
  Crown/Bridges  86% AU

  Porcelain to Titanium

Metal-Free Restorations
Zirconia Crown/Bridges

Pressed Porcelain
  Esthetic Crown/Veneer
  Ceramic Inlay/Onlay

Metal Restorations
N.P. Full Cast Crown
  Onlays/Crowns 50% yellow gold
  1-2 Surface Inlays, 72% yellow gold
  3 Surface Inlays/Onlays/Crowns 77.2% yellow gold